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New Novella Available: VOICE OF THE KNIFE

Hello again! Just popping in to report that my novella Voice of the Knife is available as part of the Teeth, Long and Sharp anthology!  I’m so excited to be a part of this anthology. A set of six tales to put you in the mood for Halloween.  For those of you who’ve followed me a while, this is the story about the paranormal woodpeckers I used to joke on Twitter about. It turns out, those woodpeckers are no joking matter. In fact, they’re downright dangerous and more than a little creepy.  Read on for more details.

Teeth, Long and Sharp: A collection of tales sharp and pointed. Featuring authors Grace Draven, Antioch Grey, Aria M. Jones, Jeffe Kennedy and Mel Sterling. Short stories and novellas featuring the paranormal and strange, vampires, mermaids and monsters of all sorts. Dark Contemporary Fantasy Romance. Available October 6, 2016.
Ebook only. (ISBN 9780997139143): ~ | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo |iTunes iBooks | ~

Here be monsters. With teeth, long and sharp.

IVORIES by Aria M. Jones – Eleanor resents the afternoons sacrificed to piano lessons and a disagreeable teacher who gloats over her failures and humiliations. Today, it’s Mrs. Lundemann’s turn for a sacrifice of a very different nature…

NIGHT TIDE by Grace Draven – Something hunts the surf at night, luring villagers to their deaths with a lullaby of sorrow and the torture of nightmares. Blessed with the gift of water-sight, Zigana Imre senses the presence of an ancient predator possessing a taste for human flesh sweetened by grief. With the help of a child of earth, she will battle a spawn of the sea to protect a loved one and save a man who will one day save a world.

THE NOISE OF FUR by Jeffe Kennedy – The first time, it came at night…

In the forest, a Thing prowls, picking off members of young Raven’s tribe. If they flee their home, they face starvation. If only Raven can answer the question of what kind of fur makes that noise.

VENETRIX by Antioch Grey – A merchant and a poet come to the City, seeking justice for the murder of a relative, and if justice cannot be found, they will have revenge. They collude with vampires, negotiate with mermaids, share ale and meat pies with gargoyles and navigate the prisons, waterways and court system of a city ruled by a Master possessing long life and even longer teeth.

The City will make you a fortune, or it will kill you, but it will always change you.

THE VAMPIRES OF MULBERRY STREET by Aria M. Jones – Living the simple life in small town Indiana, Mrs. H has everything she could possibly ever want: a cozy house, peace and quiet, and a garden that is the envy of Mulberry Street. But when sinister outsiders disrupt the tranquility of her neighborhood, it might be time for her to come out of retirement and take up tools more deadly than pruning shears and a trowel.

VOICE OF THE KNIFE by Mel Sterling – Biologist Charles Napier doesn’t mind getting lost in a Florida swamp—it’s part of a scientist’s job. Logic and training will get him out safely. Except lurking in this swamp, there’s a monster Napier’s science can’t explain…a lonely, exquisite, desperate monster.

~Foreword by Ilona Andrews~








Excerpt: Chapter One of TRUEHEART

Happy New Year! And to start things off with a bang, here’s the first chapter of Trueheart for your entertainment! Pre-order links are at the bottom of the chapter, just in case you find this little taste to your liking and want to read more. Trueheart is available starting January 12, 2016.

Trueheart Copyright © 2015 Mel Sterling


Murder, mayhem. Torture and titillation.

Thomas would do, and had done, anything she asked.

He bowed his head enough to be respectful, though he kept his eyes on the Queen’s. The band circling his left arm below his biceps grew warmer, as it always did in her presence. When she was displeased with him, it burned and throbbed like the stings of a hundred wasps. When she wished him before her, it tightened until he came to her side. As a motivator, it was effective. After two centuries, it was appreciably thinner than it had been when she first wound the filaments of gold-laced bone around his arm. Each strand represented a task, the Queen’s bidding to be done. Only when every strand had snapped and curled away like a broken harp string would Thomas be free again.

He had never dared to ask what kind of bone it was. He wasn’t sure, even now, that he wanted to know. Knowledge wouldn’t change a thing as far as Thomas’s bondage was concerned.

“Those are my possessions. I will not have them taken from me.”

Thomas knew he could not ask the question the Queen’s statements begged. Why was she keeping precious things at the goblin market? Why not somewhere here at court, safe from thieves? The Queen had her reasons, and it was not his place to question them.

But it was appropriate to ask what had been stolen.

“What do they look like, these possessions, my Lady, so I may guard them properly?” Continue reading

© 2017 Mel Sterling

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