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Coming this month, No Accounting for Magic, a collection of two of the shorter works I published as Nina Merrill a few years ago. The rights have reverted to me, so I’ve tidied the stories up a bit, given them a fun new cover, and soon they’ll be available in ebook format! No Accounting for Magic contains the paranormal erotic novelette “Genie, No Bottle” and novella “Paint It Black.” More details coming soon, but meanwhile, meet the besotted, beloved and bejeweled genie, Samir. Many thanks to my fabulous team for all the help with the cover art!

NoAccounting 6x9 cover from Lora

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  1. martianmooncrab

    May 2, 2016 at 11:43 am

    uh, if we order the book, does the cover model come with it?

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