Together for the first time in No Accounting for Magic, the tales “Genie, No Bottle” and “Paint It Black.”

NoAccounting 6x9 cover from Lora

No Accounting for Magic – What happens when straitlaced accountants find love–and magic? Mel Sterling, writing as Nina Merrill, proves that playing by the numbers, sorcery, guacamole, and a few too many tentacles can be delicious indeed.

Genie, No Bottle – Being cursed with a genie is bad for your dating life. Now that accountant Laura Jayne is ready to settle down, her family’s ethereal servant Samir has started acting up. He’s her best friend, and Laura’s determined to set him free. But what happens when your genie wants something else entirely?

Paint It Black
– When Mason Whitlock swears he’s being haunted, neighborhood psychic Cassandra Farris doubts him entirely. Who would haunt an accountant, especially one so buttoned-up and conventional? Mason’s desperate, and Cassie begins to believe him. Good thing she’s a whiz at protective magic.

Unfortunately, only fire fights fire–and this haunting is a powerful erotic spell. Ridding Mason of it turns out to be more pleasure than work. Except once Cassie pries its victim away, the hungry, furious spirit seeks a new target: Cassie herself.

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