About Mel AKA M.J. AKA Nina

We’re all the same person.

Yep, that’s right. Mel Sterling writes all the books, whether they’re by “Mel” or “M.J.” or “Nina.” The separate pen names allow my readers to know what they’re getting when they purchase a particular book.

As Mel Sterling, I write Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Urban Fantasy with Romance, and…well, I don’t know what to call The River: after Dark books (starting with Tree of Dreams). They’re Rural Fantasy with Romance, if that’s a thing.

As M.J. Sterling, I’ve begun writing Science Fiction Romance that combines the excitement of futuristic settings with the glow of romance mixed in. People still need love, whether they’re human, alien, or robot.

As Nina Merrill, I write short, spicy romances that might be contemporary, historical, or fantasy.